aboutAMS Technologies (AMS) develops and markets chemical- and temperature-resistant ultrafiltration (UF) and nanofiltration (NF) membranes. These membranes represent a technological breakthrough through significant improvement in the economics of inorganic compounds recovery. AMS offers a complete product line of extreme acid, alkaline, solvent, thermal and pressure stable membranes. Our core technology adds significant value in various applications and industries through cost savings, improved recovery rates, greater acid/alkali/solvent supply reliability and clear environmental benefits. AMS focuses on the most appealing customer-based industries & technologies. Our primary focus is on the mineral extraction sector (Mining) and industries with harsh operating environments such as: Pharmaceutical, Pulp, Rayon, Dairy and Chemicals. Our technology enables state-of-the-art UF and NF membrane integrated parameters (acid, solvent, temperature and pressure stability) that are superior to competing polymeric membranes on the market, while still maintaining high performance of flux and rejection.

AMS acquired all assets of Bio Pure Technology Ltd. (BPT) in 2012. BPT was a leading developer of advanced membrane-based separation solutions for water, wastewater treatment and chemical process industries with focus on the delivery of superior products to the market.

We attribute our great success to our expertise in membrane development and manufacturing, process design and system engineering.

By the time of 2022, UNISOL Membrane Technology has fully integrated the AMS's technologies & products into its products portfolio.


UNISOL Membrane Technology is a global membrane and membrane module supplier, focusing on membrane filtration products and innovative technologies. It can provide a wide range of membrane products and technical services according to different needs of customers.about

The product portfolio covers micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis within a variety of markets and applications. Standardized or customized products can be provided according to customer needs, covering various dimensions and operating conditions.

The team is dedicated to serve as a reliable enabler for the business of our partners along highly qualified products. In order to achieve our targets we do rely on the dedicated work of our employees and a high degree of automation in operation.

UNISOL has branches in many countries around the world, including China, Germany, India and the United States, which be able to provide high-quality services to users around the world better and faster.